Board of Education Staff

  • Board of Education Phone Number: 856-589-2145      Administrative Office Fax: 856-582-5465

Last Name First Name Title Phone/Extension Email
McAleer Dr. Patrick Superintendent of Schools 856-589-2145
Addeo Angela Executive Secretary 856-589-2145 ext. 6001
Booth Richard Facilities Manager 856-589-1238
Brazelton Kelly Business Administrator/ Board Secretary 856-589-0369 ext.6008
Brill Moody Rebecca Director of Curriculum and Instruction 856-589-2145 ext. 6000 or 6009
Flaherty Colleen Secretary to District Administration (Curriculum, Technology, & Facilities)/Coordinator of Panther Club 856-589-2145 Ext. 6000
Galowitz Howard Educational Technology Coordinator 856-589-5051
Heil Gina Secretary, Special Services 856-589-2888 ext 6600
Raneiro Deborah Secretary, Special Services 856-589-2888 ext 6601
Rose Carisa Account Specialist 856-589-0369 ext. 6006
Ruberton Joan Interim Supervisor of Special Services 856-589-2888
Streater Stacie Secretary to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction 856-589-0369 ext 6009
Sweigart Joelle Food Service Director 856-589-0718
Santiago Rebecca Secretary - Payroll/Benefits 856-589-0369 ext. 6007
Furey April Secretary to Business Administrator/Accounts Payable 856-589-0369 ext. 6008