Multiple Disabilities Class

  • This program was designed for young students with at least two impairments that are impacting their educational development. Students in this program receive instruction at their appropriate academic level for Language Arts Literacy and math instruction. All of the curricula used in this setting are designed to meet the criteria set forth in the Core Content Curriculum Standards. A certified special education teacher provides the direct instruction. Classroom instructional aides provide reinforcement under the direction of the teacher. Students are given opportunities to develop language skills, social skills, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. A behavior modification system is utilized to develop listening and focusing skills. The district's regular education materials are utilized when appropriate. Modifications are provided by slowing the pace, including multi-sensory activities to develop skills, and intermittent practice with new skills. When appropriate additional or alternative materials are utilized to meet the individual needs of each student. The science and social studies curriculums are taught using the district materials; most students are included in the General Education classroom for these subjects. The regular education materials are modified to present a multi-sensory approach to learning. In this setting, students are provided with opportunities to develop study skills, organizational skills, listening skills, and attending skills to develop independence in learning. The students participate with school population for school wide programs, assemblies and lunch. The students are mainstreamed into the appropriate grade for school wide parent programs.