Resource Center Programs

  • Classified students participating in the regular class setting, but requiring academic modifications receive assistance in the Resource Center program. Several program options are available to meet the individual needs of these students. Students can receive a combination of these services per their IEP. All of the curricula used in this setting are designed to meet the criteria set forth in the Core Content Curriculum Standards.

    In-Class Support

    Students participate in the regular class setting with the support of a special education teacher or an instructional aide. Modifications can include assistance to focus in the large group setting, extra time on tests, study guides, modifications for assignments or tests, or assistance with note taking. The special education teacher gives the modifications to the instructional aide to implement.

    Replacement Support

    The district refers to this option as study skills. Students are provided support for the mainstreamed subjects and in-class support subjects in a small class setting. In this setting, students have the opportunity to practice strategies for studying for tests, assistance with homework assignments and assistance with classroom assignments. When written in the IEP, mainstreamed students may take tests in this setting and receive assistance with reading questions or having questions restated.

    Replacement Instruction

    Students can receive instruction at their appropriate academic level for Language Arts Literacy and/or math instruction. At the Middle and High School levels, science and/or social studies instruction is an option provided in the Resource Center setting. A certified special education teacher provides the direct instruction. The district's regular education materials are utilized when appropriate. Modifications are provided by slowing the pace, including multi-sensory activities to develop skills and intermittent practice with new skills. When appropriate, additional or alternative materials are utilized to meet the individual needs of each student. In this setting, students are provided with opportunities to develop study skills, organizational skills, listening skills, and attending skills to develop independence in learning.