Child Study Team/Department of Special Services Staff

Contact Information
Last Name First Name Title Phone/Voicemail Email
Murray Shea Director of Special Services 856-589-2888
Heil Gina Special Services Dept. Secretary 856-589-2888 ext 6600
Raneiro Deborah Special Services Dept. Secretary 856-589-2888 ext 6601
Brokenshire Melinda LDTC/Case Manager for Kindle Elementary School and Out-of-District Students 856-589-2888 ext 6603
Chiselko Rebecca Speech Therapist / Kindle School, Middle School, High School 856-589-2628 ext 6609
Gillin Jenifer School Social Worker / Case Manager Memorial Elementary School / Early Intervention / Homeless Liaison 856-589-2888 ext. 6605
Hemmes Kimberly Speech Therapist / Memorial School 856-589-2526 ext. 6607
Lester Heather Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant/Case Manager High School 856-589-2121 Ext. 6610
Sheppard Ashlee Occupational Therapist 856-589-2526 ext 6612
Spadafora Laura Speech Therapist / Memorial School and Walls School 856-589-1316 ext 6608
Thomas Diane School Psychologist/Case Manager Walls School 856-589-1316 ext. 6604
Walters Vicki Physical Therapist 856-589-2526 ext 6615
Wright Cassandra School Psychologist/Case Manager Middle School 856-589-2888 ext. 6611