• Updated 11/18/2021


    In March 2020, the Pitman schools were closed due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic; all New Jersey schools were eventually closed for the balance of the school year, and students completed their studies via remote online instruction.


    2020-21 School Year:  In preparation for the 2020-21 school year, amidst the continuing pandemic, the NJ Department of Education has provided school districts with guidance to prepare a restart and recovery plan.  One of the requirements of this plan, per state guidance, is the provision of some degree of in-person instruction.  A family opt-out provision allowing for full time remote instruction was later added to the guidance.

    In response, the district has developed its return to school plans for 2020-21.  These plans feature:

    • A hybrid instructional model, with two cohorts of students attending school in-person part time, while supplementing with remote instruction.

    • A full remote options for families whose children may be unable or at risk to return to school at this time.

    The 2020-21 school year opened on a full remote model through September 28, 2020 in order to meet state health/safety guidelines.  Some students resumed a hybrid scheduled on 9/28, with the remaining hybrid cohorts returning to in-person instruction beginning October 5, 2020.

    Beginning on March 22, 2021, hybrid students in grades 1-5 returned to school five days per week (morning session onsite, with afternoon remote support and small group instruction); cohorts A and B will be combined for in-person instruction.  Middle and high school students made a similar return to five days of in-person instruction on May 3, 2021.


    2021-22 School Year:  In June 2021, the district developed an initial draft of its Safe Return Plan, a required element of the application for federal funds through the American Rescue Plan ESSER grant.  The plan was developed using a NJ Department of Education template, which was disseminated to community stakeholders for public comment.  An additional public hearing on this Plan took place at the June 23, 2021 Board of Education meeting; a revised version of the Plan was posted and adopted in November 2021.  A copy of this Plan is available for review on this page; additional public comment can be directed to Dr. Patrick McAleer, Pitman Superintendent of Schools, at pmcaleer@pitman.k12.nj.us or 856-589-2145.


    The 2021-22 school year opened with a return of all students to full time, daily, in-person instruction.  Details of the district's updated "Road Forward" plan for 2021-22 are shared below for your review.


    Please review the various documents below.  If you have any questions, please contact the Board of Education office at 856-589-2145, or reach out to your child's principal.