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    Gifted and Talented & Pitman Enrichment Program (PEP)

    Students in grades K-2, who are identified as intellectually gifted, are enriched during the school day in their classrooms through curriculum and lesson differentiation. The goal is to support student needs and intellectual curiosities as well as creativity within class activities. Teachers promote critical thinking skills and student choice. Teachers offer extended learning opportunities designed to support individual learning needs and are identified and provided through collaboration between the classroom teacher and administrators.

    Students in Grades 3-8, who are identified as intellectually gifted, are enriched through a program called Pitman Enrichment Program (PEP). These programs run in the afternoons--once per week. Teachers may hold additional sessions when necessary (during competition preparation or for presentations of work) and may also offer time during advisory periods at Pitman Middle School. Students who are selected to be in PEP will receive notice before October each year. 

    Students will be identified in the PEP program through an analysis of academic grades, state assessment scores, local assessment and benchmark scores, and teacher/parent recommendations.

    The enrichment program expands upon the regular curriculum through special projects and/or activities based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, 21st Century Life and Career Skills, and the National Gifted Program Standards of the National Association for Gifted Children.  This program encourages students to deepen their independence and perseverance, fostering a growth mindset and building skills and confidence. In the elementary schools, students have worked on projects including an invention convention, passion projects, and escape room challenges. At Pitman Middle School, students have participated in two major competition projects--STEAM TANK and Junior Mock Trial. In the past, they have also participated in Model Congress.

    In addition, some of the PEP projects include activities and/or trips outside the regular school day. Teachers will inform families in advance of these opportunities and protocols. Please be aware that all PEP students must maintain both academic and behavioral excellence in school.  Failure to maintain classroom expectations may result in a program furlough or an exit from the program.

    Pitman PEP teachers for 2022/2023 are listed below. Please contact your child's specific PEP teacher for questions pertaining to the program. 

    PEP Kindle Elementary School: Jackie Schanz

    PEP Walls Elementary School: Tracy Gerace

    PEP Pitman Middle School: Rob DiTizio and Michelle Tucci &

    Students in grades 9-12, who are identified as intellectually gifted, are enriched during the school day in their classrooms through curriculum and lesson differentiation. This includes participation in honors and advanced placement courses. 



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