• Tuition Program for Non-Resident Students (grades K-12)

    Thank you for your interest in the Pitman Public Schools’ K-12 Tuition Program.  The Pitman Public Schools accept qualified non-resident students on a tuition basis in grades Kindergarten through high school, provided that an appropriate program and adequate class space are available.

    As part of the admission and tuition procedures, we request that you schedule an interview with Ms. Rebecca Brill Moody, Director of Curriculum/Instruction, at 856-589-2145.  Prior to meeting with Ms. Brill Moody, please forward to her the following information and documentation:

    The completed “Regular Tuition Student Education Program” application form (form is located on the right);

    • A copy of your child’s birth certificate;
    • Copies of your child’s school report cards or teacher evaluations from their present school;
    • Copies of your child’s standardized and/or state test scores (PARCC, etc.), if available.
    • Arrangements for a visitation to the appropriate school will be subsequently planned.  A decision regarding enrollment as a regular tuition student will be forthcoming following the completion of this process.

    The rates for the 2023/2024 school year are as follows:

    Elementary Grades K-6 - $3,750

    Junior High Grades 7-8 - $4,000

    Senior High Grades 9-12 - $1,000

    We hope that the educational opportunities available through the Pitman School District might provide your child with the learning foundation and environment you desire. 

    Sincerely yours, 

    Steven Crispin

    Interim Superintendent