School Configuration Information - Updated 9/19/2019

  • Dating back to the development of the school district's Strategic Plan in 2017, it has been clear to the community that the district would continue to face challenges with declining enrollment and reduced state funding for the foreseeable future.  In Fall 2018, in response to these challenges, a preliminary proposal to reconfigure the three elementary schools as grade-level schools was submitted for consideration; in response to a desire on the part of a significant number of community members to give the issue further study, that proposal was withdrawn, and the Pitman School Advisory Committee was formed in early 2019.  

    Over the course of several months, the PSAC - consisting of more than 20 members, including parents from all five schools, community members, local officials, and school district staff members - has examined a variety of school configuration models to determine which model fulfilled their mission to balance maximizing student achievement with the fiscal realities that the district is facing and will continue to face.

    On September 18, 2019, after more than seven months of work, the PSAC issued its recommendation to the Superintendent and the Board of Education.  The slide show from their presentation is linked below:

    PSAC Final Recommendation - 9/18/2019

    After a review of the PSAC recommendation and additional information, the Superintendent presented a formal recommendation to the Board of Education on October 9, 2019.  He has proposed a configuration similar to that recommended by the PSAC - a hybrid configuration in grades preK through 5th:

    • an Early Childhood Center for the entire district (grades preK through 1st) at Memorial School;
    • two neighborhood schools (with redrawn boundaries) at Walls and Kindle Schools.

    The Superintendent's detailed presentation is linked below:

    Superintendent's Recommendation - 10/9/2019 

    The Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the Superintendent's recommendation on October 29, 2019.  They may elect to accept, reject, or modify Superintendent's recommendation.  

    Any changes in school configuration adopted by the Board of Education would be effective for the 2020-21 school year at the earliest.  If and when any change of configuration is formally adopted by the Board, district leadership will partner with families, staff, and community members to begin a transition process.

    If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact Dr. Patrick McAleer (Superintendent of Schools) at 589-2145 or