• Support Our Students – Stop State Aid Cuts Now!

    Over the next few years, Pitman schools are faced with significant cuts in state aid due to revisions in the school funding formula tied to the adoption of Senate Bill 2 (or “S2”) in summer 2018.  After school funding cuts exceeding $300,000 over the past couple of years, Pitman schools face an additional reduction of approximately $377,000 in 2020-21, with a total cut in aid of nearly $1.5 million dollars projected by 2025.  These cuts hurt Pitman students; teaching positions have been eliminated, resulting in increased class sizes, and programs for students are threatened as well.  The implementation of S2 fundamentally threatens the quality of educational opportunities for our students.

    Pitman has joined with over 100 other districts as part of the Support Our Students coalition; SOS districts are lobbying our lawmakers, sharing stories of the impact that redistributed state aid will have on our students.  Please follow SOS on Twitter (@nj_sos), and the hashtag #StopStateAidCuts for updates on their efforts. 

    In the meantime, you can help by contacting lawmakers and demand that they #StopStateAidCuts until the school funding formula can be studied and revised.  Tell them that you support extending the phase-out period for adjustment aid from 7 to 10 years; demand that they support a re-evaluation of how the school funding formula is calculated (especially how a community’s wealth and local tax burden is determined).  Borough Council members, the Mayor, and the entire Pitman Board of Education have sent a letter asking lawmakers to reconsider these cuts that are so hurtful to students in our community.

    Please join your elected representatives in contacting state lawmakers; let the voices of Pitman children be heard!

    Fourth Legislative District – 856-232-6700

    Senator Fred Madden - SenMadden@njleg.org

    Assemblyman Paul Moriarty - AsmMoriarty@njleg.org

    Assemblywoman Gabrielle Mosquera - AswMosquera@njleg.org


    Call Governor Murphy – 609-292-6000