Interim Superintendent of Schools - Mr. Steven Crispin

  • Greetings from the District Administration Office!

    On behalf of the entire Pitman Public Schools community - students, parents, residents, teachers, administration and Board of Education members - welcome to our school district. Pitman Public Schools are dedicated to the success of all of our students.   We are proud of the accomplishments of every student from pre-school through grade 12. Pitman has a long history of excellence in education. We recognize that our shared successes can be attributed to the true cooperative spirit of the entire community. In order for our students to continue to realize their full potential, this school community must remain committed to our students. We must always act in the best interests of our children. They, in turn, will continue to be our pride, our joy and our inspiration!


    Mission Statement

    Building on our unique traditions, the mission of the Pitman School District, in partnership with families and our community, is to educate all students through exceptional learning experiences to be discerning, ethical and confident citizens.

    Our Board of Education has established the following goals for Pitman Public Schools:

    • To create educational opportunities for all students that will promote maximum academic achievement.
    • To ensure that district facilities are well maintained, safe and support curriculum to meet the needs of all students.
    • To actively engage the community to communicate its priorities in the process of providing for what is best for all students to the Board of Education, Administration and Staff.

    In recent months, our Board of Education decided to move forward with a Strategic Planning process that would engage our entire community to establish a five-year plan that would be in the best interest of our students, our district, and our community.   For more information about this exciting initiative, check out the link to Strategic Planning.