• A Long and Proud Tradition of Excellence

    Pitman Public Schools have a long and celebrated history that dates back to 1884 with the establishment of the Pitman Grove School District administered by the Mantua Township Board of Education. When the Borough of Pitman was incorporated in 1905, the Pitman Board of Education was created with students up to eighth grade attending Summit Avenue School. The original Pitman High School was built in 1922. Prior to that, students attended high school in Glassboro and Woodbury. The first graduating class of Pitman High School consisted of fifty students in June 1926. The district facilities expanded in 1926 with the completion of two elementary schools – W.C.K. Walls School and Elwood Kindle School. Memorial Elementary School (1962) and the “new” Pitman High School (1972) were built to accommodate our growing population of students. The original High School became Pitman Middle School after the completion of Pitman High School in 1972.

    Our schools have always been a source of pride within the community. From the early 1900’s to today, our district has always been committed to academic excellence. Even today, we are most proud of our strong level of student achievement, with solid performance on various assessments, including college admissions tests such as SAT’s, as well as improving scores on other standardized measures.  Our schools offer exceptional learning experiences and opportunities for students of all academic levels.

    It is with the motivation that we gather from our students that we continue to achieve excellence. Our students in each of our five schools continue to inspire us. With that conviction and the dedicated efforts of our staff, we continue to provide what is best for our students. Our community support has always been such a positive force for our schools. Parents have been a significant component of our success since the inception of our schools. In 1916, the Pitman Mothers’ Club was organized to improve conditions for all school children. Today, our Home and School Associations work tirelessly for the good of all students.

    Memorial School houses Pitman students from prekindergarten through grade 1. W.C.K. Walls School and Elwood Kindle School house Pitman students in grade 2 through grade 5. Pitman Middle School is home to our grade 6, 7, and 8 students. Pitman High School meets the needs of all students in grades 9 through 12. District wide, there are approximately 1,200 students.

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