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  • Model Congress- PEP

    Model Congress- PEP

    Advisers- Mr. DiTizio and Mr. Chiaro
    Mission Statement: The goal of our program is to identify, challenge, and reward gifted students. These ends will be achieved by establishing rigorous instructional goals, fostering the spirit of collaboration, and encouraging healthy competition.

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  • Sentry


    Adviser- Mrs. Bell
    The goal of this program is to cultivate a safe, orderly, and character driven school environment through peer mentoring.

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  • Masquers


    Adviser- Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Cuesta
    Members perform in plays, act, stage manage, design scenery, and participate in many other dramatic activities. Play and musical performances will be given two times a year for students and the community.

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  • Chorus/ Chorale

    Chorus/ Chorale

    Adviser- Mrs. Dunn
    Chorus/ Chorale programs allow students to develop an appreciation of music/ performing.

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  • Band Program

    Band Program

    Adviser- Mr. Botbyl
    Hello and welcome to the Pitman Middle School Band webpage. I am new to the Pitman school district but have been teaching instrumental music for the past 10 years. I can't tell you how excited I am to teach the amazing instrumental music students here in Pitman. We are going to have a lot of fun growing in our abilities to play our instruments and exploring different musical ensembles offered at Pitman Middle School! Please look around the site and if you have any questions please contact me. Thank you!

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  • Dance Committee

    Dance Committee

    Advisers- Mrs. Cuesta and Mr. Brodzik
    Dance Committee Members work with school staff running 5 of the dances held at the Middle School. An organizational meeting is announced and held prior to each of the scheduled dances. Students have the opportunity to sign up for ticket and/or refreshment sales, advertisement, set-up of tables and lights, and finally the clean up at the end of the evening. Dance Committee dances are open to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who currently attend Pitman Middle School.

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  • Paw Prints (School Newspaper)

    Paw Prints (School Newspaper)

    Advisers- Mrs. Rowan and Mrs. Lawlor
    Paw Prints is the official newspaper for Pitman Middle School. Students are responsible for the development of four newspapers for the calendar year.

    Responsibilities include:
    -Conducting Interviews
    -Writing Articles
    -Comic Development
    -Service Events

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  • Student Council

    Student Council

    Adviser- Ms. Esposito
    Interested in being a member of Student Council? Do you want to help plan events for your school and make great memories?

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  • Yearbook


    Advisers- Mrs. Weber and Mr. Brodzik
    Our Mission: Members design and publish a memory book for students.

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  • Green Challenge- PEP

    Green Challenge- PEP

    Advisers- Mrs. Arabia and Mr. VanFossen
    The Green Challenge (Grades K-12) empowers students through practical experiences to take ownership of their local environments. Students design and engineer green solutions to make changes in their homes, their schools and in their communities. The Challenge is intended to bridge connections between students and green professionals, resulting in an exchange of knowledge not available in a classroom setting.

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  • Mentor Club

    Mentor Club

    Adviser- Mrs. Skanes
    Our Goal: Build a better, stronger school community through staff-peer mentoring opportunities/ activities

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  • 7th Grade Class Adviser

    7th Grade Class Adviser

    Adviser- Mrs. Beach
    Contact Mrs. Beach regarding 6th grade events. Our end of year trip is at Medieval Times.

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  • 8th Grade Class Adviser

    8th Grade Class Adviser

    Adviser- Mrs. Lawlor
    Contact Mrs. Lawlor regarding all 8th grade events. 8th graders will be celebrating the end of their middle school careers at Hershey Park in June.

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  • Fishing Club

    Fishing Club

    Are you interested in fishing and nature? Talk to Mr. Chiaro if you're interested.

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  • Co-Ed Volleyball

    Co-Ed Volleyball

    Adviser- Mr. Tocco
    Motto: An excellent way to learn a sport, build relationships, and promote sportsmanship

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  • Floor Hockey

    Floor Hockey

    Adviser- Mr. Tender
    The floor hockey program gives students the opportunity to learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication in an informal setting.

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  • Baking Club

    Baking Club

    Adviser- Mrs. Cappello
    Interested in culinary arts? Join the baking club to learn the ins and outs of the kitchen.

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  • Builders Club

    Builders Club

    Advisers- Mrs. Tucci and Mrs. Arabia
    Mission Statement: Building bridges between school and community through service

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