Debbie Calabree
  • Welcome Memorial Elementary parents, families, and community members to the Memorial Elementary School website! I am very excited and honored to begin my sixth year at Memorial School and to be a part of a year filled with learning, enrichment, and fun! Memorial Elementary School is committed to working together to provide a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment to ensure the academic success of ALL students.

    At Memorial Elementary School, we have an exceptional teaching and support staff that works tirelessly for the benefit of each and every student. We pride ourselves in being a place where our mission is to ensure every child’s potential is achieved.

    I truly believe strong partnerships between parents and staff lead to academic success for all students. Therefore, I invite you to visit our school, your school, and to actively participate in your child’s education. This participation may come in a variety of forms including: joining the HSA, working as a volunteer at the school, checking your child’s homework and agenda on a daily basis, attending school-wide events and communicating questions or concerns to me and our teachers.

    As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I am very proud to say that at Memorial School, we are a village of staff and parents that work together to support all our children. We look forward to working together for a successful new school year with great achievement for all of our Memorial School students! I look forward to personally meeting you all soon and hope that you will get involved in any way that you can to continue the long standing tradition that Memorial School is known for! To another successful school year!