Welcome Back

Pitman Middle School begins the 2018-19 school year with a new instructional vision that is dedicated to the cultivation of thoughtful, involved, and "future ready" learners. This vision called for staffing additions, the development of a new bell schedule, changes to instructional programming, facility upgrades, and the addition of exciting new resources throughout all content areas. For the 2018-19 school year and beyond, we have: 

  • Built a "Makerspace" in the old library computer lab to accompany our already thriving STEM program. Click this link to learn more about "MakerSpaces".  
  • Developed a new bell schedule that is more in line with Pitman High School. This schedule affords students more choices and opportunities to meet with teachers (to discuss progress) during an "Advisory" period.
  • Added a "future ready" related arts rotation that includes exciting new courses like "Career Orientation," "Study Skills," and "Growth Mindset".
  • Adopted new "basic skills" instructional programming in ELA and Math.
  • Created ELA and Math Lab courses that are differentiated by student need using Link-it and PARCC data. 
  • Reconfigured lunchroom seating through the construction of counters (Photos to come.) 
  • Added/ expanded club and activity offerings. 

We are excited about these expanded offerings and the growth of our existing programs!