Dia de los Tres Reyes

What a great time we have been having ,in Spanish class, in 2019!! Students everywhere celebrated Three Kings Day by making paper crowns , eating treats donated by the families of Spanish students and learning more about this cultural celebration through discussion and videos.
Additionally, Students in Mrs. Jacobo’s full year 8th grade Spanish classes joined with Mrs. Donnelly’s Social Studies class for a special celebration of Three Kings Day or Dia de los Tres Reyes. Students in Spanish class developed and shared presentations about the cultural celebration of Dia de Los Tres Reyes.
This holiday is celebrated every year on January 6th.
Mrs. Donnellys class was then invited by “The Three Kings” to sing along in Spanish and play traditional instruments while the Spanish class led everyone in some traditional Three Kings Day songs. Students were then given gifts of giant jelly bean filled candy canes as a “reward” for being good all year and helping others. Finally, the volunteer Three Kings led a trivia game about the history of Three Kings Day . WInners were given more prizes for knowing so much about this fun Hispanic cultural celebration.