A Pitman Success Story

PMS Spanish students had a wonderful opportunity to hear from  Valued Community Member and High School Graduate(2018) Mr. Alex Chebotarev. Mr. Chebotarev came back to PMS to share with students his successful experiences in World Languages. Upon graduation from PHS , Mr. Chebatorev took and passed with high marks the highest level of  the International Baccalaureate Exams, in French, Spanish, and Russian. He also earned his Associates Degree at RCGC while still in attendance at PHS.

Thanks to his experience and the good guidance that he received at PHS, Mr. Chebotarev was able to enter Rowan University as a Junior majoring in Linguistics. He was able to use his skills, gained through the Pitman High School World Languages curriculum to obtain immediate employment-upon graduation-as a tutor in World Languages. He also qualified immediately to teach ELL classes at the Woodbury Family Success center where he is gaining valuable work experience.


Aside from his happiness at being able to be immediately employed upon graduation  and his advanced, money saving status entering college as a junior from PHS , Mr. Chebotarev spent much time sharing with students the joy that knowing other languages brings him. He shared with the class many beautiful images of his travels throughout Europe and especially of his time in France. He wants students to know that beside multiple job opportunities  available to those who are multilingual, there is also an opportunity “to feel at home” anywhere in the world.

Mr. Chebotarev shared his conviction that  knowing other languages and understanding different cultures creates a bridge between people and expands friendship networks around the world. He told students that there is nothing like setting off on an adventure in a far away city with only a guidebook and the self confidence that comes with knowing another language well.

Mr. Chebotarev  feels at ease anywhere because of his language skills and has plans to visit many countries, putting his language skills to use both as a traveler and as a professional.

We look forward to hearing from Mr. Chebotarev again as he updates us on his travel experiences and job opportunities around the world!