Diversity Week in Spanish Class

Diversity Week started early in Spanish class with a visit from Miah Glackin  and Keros Cooper’s grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Elias. She brought the class trays of delicious empanadas. Miah and Sofia Caliari then presented a PowerPoint with detailed pictures and instructions showing how to  to make such a delicious treat. We also got tips on where to find the grocery store in Vineland that has the most authentic ingredients.

While munching on excellent empanadas, students were then surprised by a special visit from World Language High School Students Jenna Georgette and Chris Engstrom. Jenna, who studies French, shared with the class how much fun learning another language has been for her in the High School Program. In particular, she shared how she enjoys using technology and apps in class, like Flipgrid and DuoLingo to practice and improve her speaking skills and vocabulary.  Chris also shared how much he enjoyed studying Spanish at the High School. He encouraged everyone to make learning another language a high priority. Chris also shared that not only is being fluent in another language fun personally, it also has benefits professionally. He was excited to tell us about how many students had just taken and passed the NJ Biliteracy Seal of Approval test at PHS. This new program at PHS allows students to gain a professional certificate, stating biliterate competency in the language of their choice and English. This certificate will go a long way towards helping students obtain an advantage in the job market upon graduation. 

We are always celebrating opportunities to gain new knowledge in Spanish class.Therefore, we  very much appreciate the time that Mrs. Elias, Jenna Georgette, and Chris Engstrom took out of their day to cook for us ,talk with us, and encourage us to keep learning.