Pitman School District Coronavirus Meal Service Survey

Pitman School District Coronavirus Meal Service Survey

Due to the school closure, shelf-stable meals (packaged as a school week's supply) will be available for current Pitman families. Meals will be available for pick up at Pitman High School's student parking lot. (PLEASE READ "IMPORTANT PICKUP PROCEDURES" BELOW)


The following survey is to see who wishes to receive this week's 3 day supply of shelf-stable food.


April 6th Food Survey 


MENU - Week of April 6th (3 Day Supply):



Cereal, fruit/juice & milk

Pop Tarts, fruit/juice & milk

Mini bread or muffin & graham crackers
or yogurt, fruit/juice & milk


Ham and Cheese croissant, veggie, fruit and milk

Anytimers pizza Kit, veggie, fruit and milk


*Food Pick up is Monday, April 6, 2020 between the hours of 8 AM - 10 AM at Pitman High School in the student parking lot.* PLEASE READ "IMPORTANT PICKUP PROCEDURES" BELOW *


**Please have your child's PIN at pickup (contact your child's principal with any questions).**


IN ORDER TO INSURE AN ACCURATE COUNT OF MEALS, IT IS IMPORTANT TO  COMPLETE THIS SURVEY.  If you know of someone in need who does not have a computer, encourage them to call 856-589-0369, Extension 6006 and leave a message with their name; their children's names, grade level, and school; which meals (breakfast/lunch/both) they are ordering; and any information re: food allergies.




Important Pickup Procedures

Due to mandatory changes/ and recommendations made by CDC, OEM, and DOH late last week the pickup line for meals has been modified. We will no longer be giving cards or taking cards, nor will there be an exchange of food through car windows etc. This is to minimize exposure to our families and our staff therefore the following procedure are now in place.


1. One station will be set up for check in, please have your child's pin ready. If you cannot find your child's pin please bring ID. We will be checking id's now to verify parent/guardians who do not have pin#''s .


2. Once checked in, the meal counts will be given to our staff to prepare your bags.


3. You will be asked if you can open and close your trunk from inside your vehicle. You will be told to pull forward if you are able to open and close, meals will be placed in your trunk at that time. Our staff will not open car doors, open/close trunks etc. We will not touch your vehicle other than to place the food down in the trunk. We must maintain safe distances etc.


If you cannot open and close your trunk from inside your vehicle you will be directed to a table for meal pickup. You will have to then exit your vehicle and retrieve the food bags from that table. The tables are wiped down after EVERY pickup with an approved cleaning agent.